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The importance of knowing how to make choices (my Creative Pinellas Project 1/4)

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Ceramic Sculptures - Convergence Series - Agueda Zabisky

Blog Post 6 - Agueda Zabisky

The idea for my Creative Pinellas project was something that grew out of the perspective of a larger space to exhibit my art.

In 2022, I started to create abstract sculptures as a reflection on who we are as human beings, how we deal with challenges and our quest for rhythm and harmony at all times.

The initial idea was to create sculptures with thoughtful, contemplative and serene human faces (without gender, race or color) interacting with geometric elements, which metaphorically represent our choices and their results.

I called this creation the Convergence series. I used white as a result of this union of elements that we harmonize along the way in search of a purpose.

When disorganized, the geometric elements symbolize contradictions, problems and confusion. On the other hand, if they converge to rhythm and order, these elements symbolize peace and harmony.

My idea is to show this duality of human beings to balance their beliefs and convictions with their experiences. Times change, years pass, but human questions remain.

Our life is made of choices over time. We have never had so many options, so much information and so many doubts as we have today.

Perhaps our biggest challenge is to organize the pieces that make sense to us in order to find our inner peace.

ceramic sculptures Convergence Series - Agueda Zabisky
Geometric elements symbolizing challenges, feelings, values, obstacles, achievements, virtues...

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