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My art exhibition finally opens

Blog Post 14 - Agueda Zabisky

The exhibition opening day has arrived: May 4th. After months of hard work, a learning curve and a few obstacles I was able to finish everything on time. It’s so nice and rewarding, and gives me an immense feeling of achievement. I also realized I produced a lot in such a short time.


Beyond the artists’ work, it took a lot of backstage preparations and infrastructure to put the show together by the professionals of The Gallery at Creative Pinellas, a truly incredible space. My most heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you.

I do not assume that everyone understands the idea I worked on, but I was very positively surprised by some of the comments I received. I think it reached some people in a way that was very much in line with what I set out to do, and that feeling cannot be explained.

It is obvious that each visitor perceives and captures my Journey to Equilibrium in a different way, and that is exactly the purpose of my sculptures. Some of the feedback and comments I received match what I have done and the scope of my artistic manifestation.

Others provide me with a new interpretation that I have never imagined. I asked myself, “How come I’ve been on this project for so long and I’ve never thought that way?” The beauty of abstract sculptures resides not just on what they are for me, but on how they are perceived by and impact the viewers.

I attempted to show in a very abstract way what happens to us every day. The problems we face, but don’t see the solution in front of us. The challenges we have in organizing our thoughts, but we insist on complicating things. The solutions we may find, if we are really committed to resolving our issues.

Viewers can see squares where I see triangles, or they can see order where I see confusion. And okay, it instigates self-reflection. Life goes on!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by at the Opening Ceremony!

I would love to keep receiving additional feedback and comments.

Feel free to write me at:

My exposition will be at The Gallery at Creative Pinellas until July 16th.

For a trailer of the Journey to Equilibrium, see my “Behind the scenes video” at the link below:

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Rodolfo Zabisky
Rodolfo Zabisky

Congrats Agueda. That's a great show you put together. A lot of work and dedications.

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