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The Journey to Equilibrium

I am thrilled with the possibilities and synergies between the figurative and the abstract sculptures.


They represent a visual narrative that can inspire and instigate the observer’s thinking.

ceramic totem

We are made of pieces (symbolized by geometric blocks) that we collect along the way. We are born with nothing and are given love, knowledge, intelligence, strength and courage. At the same time, we also acquire selfishness, fear, anger and much more.

Sometimes, we manage to make connections and a few pieces find their way to complete themselves, generating states of euphoria and happiness. Other times, our blocks move away, we make mistakes, we feel lost, full of doubts and we think that nothing fits, and this causes us anguish, anxiety and sadness. Surprisingly, even confused, we may have fun but not joy.

But deep down, there is something we can’t explain and that keeps us going. It is as if we knew that all our pieces need to come into harmony, and that’s our challenge.

No one has the same blocks as each one of us, and no one can arrange them for us. Obstacles happen all the time, but they are nothing more than pieces that we have to organize and balance.

We also learn it is not possible to do this all at once. There is a lot to be done and no instructions manual on how to do it. We are discovering along the way and building our life every moment. It is a continuous balance of everything we are adding to what we want to accomplish. Something enduring over time.

And, if at any point of our journey, we manage to have many of our pieces organized and better connected, we will realize that we are getting wiser and more complete.

ceramic totem
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