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Special gift

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Image by Manfred Steger from Pixabay

Blog Post 12 - Agueda Zabisky

The Creative Pinellas Grant period is coming to an end. There is very little time left to conclude and deliver all my ceramic sculptures at the Gallery in Largo. Then assembling will begin for the Art Exhibition that will take place from May 4 until July 16.

It has been an intense process marked by hard work and learning. I challenged myself to do things I had never done before, and each achievement was a joy. But at the same time, it showed me how much I still need to learn and evolve.

There have been doubts, discoveries, planning, unforeseen events, and unexpected occurrences. In short, a lot has happened and it has been incredible.

This grant was really a gift to me, and I can say that I did my best. Looking at everything almost finished, I can’t believe I did it all in such a short time.

Creative Pinellas has given me a big box with a bunch of precious little gifts inside: mentorship, support, marketing, encouragement, focus, exposure and several precious pieces of advice, including:

- “This doesn't have to be distressing or painful. You’ve got to enjoy the process." Beth Gelman, Senior Director of Arts and Cultural Programming of Creative Pinellas

- “Don’t wait for a perfect or genius idea, get to work." Sharon Norwood, my Artistic Mentor

- “Remember less is more." Beth Gelman

- “Do what you love to do." Sharon Norwood

I may or may not have heard these things before. My perception is not necessarily always attentive. But when it is finally understood, and it is the right time, it is valued so much more.

And, in this big box is the Exhibition Opening on May 4th.

If you haven’t seen my “behind the scenes video” yet, please click below

Mark your calendar to see my original sculptures firsthand. You’re invited to attend the opening reception for the 2023 Emerging Artist Exhibition happening on May 4 (Thursday) from 6 pm to 8 pm at The Gallery at Creative Pinellas (Florida Botanical Gardens, Largo).

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Unknown member
Mar 30, 2023

I will be at the Grand Opening on May 4th

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