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Our life is rhythm, frequency and synchronicity all the time (my Creative Pinellas Project 2/4)

Updated: Mar 14

Blog Post 7 - Agueda Zabisky

In the previous post, I talked a little about the sculptures from the Convergence series. From there, innovative ideas emerged. The geometric elements that I used as metaphors caused me to immerse myself intensely in readings about geometry, philosophy, shapes and colors.

It’s interesting how infinite the possibilities are and how much everything converges in the same direction. Our life is rhythm, frequency and synchronicity all the time. Whether we realize this or not is another question.

It’s hard to talk about my art because it is nothing more than a symbolic form that I gave to my thoughts and they are invisible to the world; nevertheless, they are very real to me. It gets to be fun.

So, it remains to talk a little about why I did this or that, in the hope that someone can interpret this symbolic form of expression, which is a product of my imagination.

There is a quote by José Saramago that I really like. He talks about writing, but I think it is valid for every form of art:

Writing is translating. Even when we are using our own language. We transport what we see and what we feel to a conventional code of signs, writing, and we leave to the circumstances and chance events of communication the responsibility of making the reader's intelligence reach, not so much the integrity of the experience that we intend to transmit, but a shadow, at least, of what in the depths of our spirit we know to be untranslatable.

In the next post, I will talk about my choices.

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